march's mixtape will be up a little late - check back late tuesday or early wednesday.
  • Menomena - The Late Great Libido
  • Ramona Falls - Russia
  • Allen Toussaint - Blue Drag
  • Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton - Kidman Blues
  • Trombone Shorty - Lagniappe (Part 1)
  • Ernest Gonzales - Lullaby No. 5
  • Tycho - A Walk
  • Four Tet - Reversing
  • Devendra Banhart - Don't Look Back in Anger
  • Cloud Cult - Blessings (Invocation p.2)


okay here's some stuff and some of it has words for once!

we all know menomena by now; this song has grown on me over the years, and has a particularly awesome guitar solo a little after the 3-minute mark. ramona falls is a spinoff off menomena; their music is really good but the lyrics tend to be a little bit too straightforward for my taste, but anyway i like this song. i've heard the occasional allen toussaint song before, but hadn't really dug into his stuff until recently - turns out the dude is really really good at music. so's clapton, so here's a recently recorded song of his. and trombone shorty brings up the tail end of this issue's funk session with a really killer riff.

we've heard ernest gonzales once before, and here's another song of his. tycho makes *extremely* good programming music, and his most recent album is fantastic. i like this little four tet piece. devendra continues to be a weird dude, and cloud cult continue to be excellent musicians.

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every month, i'll put up a new mixtape on the right side of this inter net site, and some words having to do with that mixtape will run down the left side. some tapes will have more or fewer songs than others, and sometimes tapes will have themes. i hope that the one thing that they will all have in common will be that they are all made of good music, and that my mom and anyone else who cares to listen to them will find new music that they like by listening to these things.

which reminds me: this site is a birthday present for my mom. because, in the words of a wise otter, my mom should always get presents because she is my mom. for the technically inclined: this site is powered by php, duct tape, sheer force of concentration, and a modified version of opentape.

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