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  • Hot Chip - And I Was A Boy From School
  • Quantic - Heavens
  • Menomena - BOTE
  • Foals - Miami
  • Motopony - Wait For Me - Tim Livingstone Edit
  • Mux Mool - Lazy Soul
  • Of Porcelain - The Greatest Distraction
  • Juj - Memories
  • Grizzly Bear - Fine For Now
  • Gold Panda - Marriage (Baths Remix)

NOVEMBERor, rainy season

i've had this hot chip album in my library for years, but somehow didn't hear "and i was a boy from school" for the first time until i drove down to big basin a couple of weeks ago. what a killer song. this quantic track is pretty good, too - i kind of like how the horn section interleaves with the vocals as the song goes on. i've been listening to menomena for a while, we've heard them before - this song's a little more abrasive than the usual stuff on here, but i really like the main riff.

i've been listening to foals for a long time, too - somehow i put off listening to their new album for a long time, but it's really pretty good. i don't know anything at all about motopony, just stumbled across this track on accident. same goes for mux mool, of porcelain, and juj too. i've been hanging out in a room at work some days when i don't feel like listening to my usual stuff, and found all of these songs through that room.

this grizzly bear tune has been on my list for a long time now. seemed like it'd be necessary to wait for a winter month before including it, though, so here we are. gold panda and baths are both fantastic electronic artists - i heard this song for the first time this afternoon, and the combination of those two talents is absolutely great.

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