march's mixtape will be up a little late - check back late tuesday or early wednesday.
  • Christopher Denny and The Natives - God's Height
  • Allen Toussaint - Get Out Of My Life Woman
  • Jazz Pharaohs - Trouble In Mind
  • Nostalgia 77 - Changes
  • Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Hindustan
  • NOMO - My Dear
  • Fanga - BASSI Té
  • Broken Social Scene - All to All
  • The Cinematic Orchestra - As The Stars Fall
  • Mount Kimbie - Before I Move Off

MARCHor, a little jazz, a little funk

okay. it's getting late enough in the year to start moving back to sort of upbeat-ish stuff, even if it did just snow in my backyard.

don't know much about christopher something and the whatsits, but this is a very good song. i know i've heard of allen toussaint somewhere, but this is the only song of his i know - it's an old song i've heard several versions of, and this one's by far the best. really slick, great horns. now, the jazz pharaohs showed up in my music library out of nowhere a few months ago. i discovered this song maybe two months ago, and was proud of myself for somehow finding such a great band - and then i realized that this was the band from the elephant room CD you loaned me a while back. whoops/thanks. the lyrics on this one are great.

i first discovered nostalgia 77 while sitting outside on a picnic bench on a cold dark night, doing some programming. go figure. anyway, they're a really good jazz band, this is a really good jazz song. preservation hall jazz band are, well, this random jazz band; they're real good. sometimes they play with special guests - i have a track they played with andrew bird that's pretty solid, maybe it'll show up here one of these days. anyway, this is from their self-titled live album, on which all of the songs sound kind of like "oh when the saints", but i just do not care.

NOMO are a fantastic funk band. been listening to a lot of them over the last few months. this song's got some really good horn action as well. fanga are another great funk band i only discovered recently - this song's got a really catchy chorus. also, bonus points, either or both of NOMO and fanga is/are from berkeley. i can't remember which. anyway, that is nice.

i like broken social scene a lot. everyone knows that. here's another song of theirs. it's one of my favorites from their new album; the other one of my favorites that hasn't shown up here will, go figure, show up within the next few months. the cinematic orchestra have been here before, they play really good jazz stuff. finally, mount kimbie did a remix of a foals song that showed up on an issue about, i dunno, nearly a year ago now; i just ran into their stuff again when i heard this song for the first time by watching its video, which is linked below. the video is worth watching. you should watch the video.

oh, and an implementation note: i finally fixed the scrolling behavior of the tape thing on the right side. shouldn't be as dumb as it used to be. hopefully it still works.


every month, i'll put up a new mixtape on the right side of this inter net site, and some words having to do with that mixtape will run down the left side. some tapes will have more or fewer songs than others, and sometimes tapes will have themes. i hope that the one thing that they will all have in common will be that they are all made of good music, and that my mom and anyone else who cares to listen to them will find new music that they like by listening to these things.

which reminds me: this site is a birthday present for my mom. because, in the words of a wise otter, my mom should always get presents because she is my mom. for the technically inclined: this site is powered by php, duct tape, sheer force of concentration, and a modified version of opentape.

my name is jrheard.