march's mixtape will be up a little late - check back late tuesday or early wednesday.
  • Zero 7 - Mr McGee
  • Apostle Of Hustle - Blackberry
  • MUTEMATH - Armistice (2nd Line Version) feat. Rebirth Brass Band
  • Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Satisfied
  • The Meters - Cissy Strut
  • The Books - Fralité
  • Capybara - Hello City Glow
  • Tomas Dvorak - Nanorobot Tune
  • Slaraffenland - Polaroids
  • Zero 7 - Crosses - Feat. Jose Gonzales


here is some stuff, sorry it's late, been a busy couple of weeks. it's getting better now, though.

you remember zero 7 from last week. the main reason i know they exist is that jose gonzalez used to play with them, which you'll notice when you get to the last song, which has jose gonzalez playing with them. i actually didn't notice until just now that i put two zero 7 songs in the same issue - oh well, they're pretty good songs. this apostle of hustle song has really grown on me - the guitar's just, like, played really cleanly. the guy is very good at playing the guitar. i first heard about mutemath through a friend; the horns on this song are straight-up awesome. the intro guitar is a little less clean, but that's okay.

karl denson has played in a good number of bands over the years. the guy is just really into funk music, and this is a good funk song. speaking of which, the meters are sort of well-known for playing good funk music; i think this particular song is like in the library of Congress or something for being such a good funk song. or maybe it was just listed in a rolling stone top-100 or something, i don't know, it's good, whatever.

the story on this song by the books is sort of interesting - apparently the french ministry of culture commissioned the band to make elevator music for them, and this song is off that CD, "music for a french elevator." capybara have a pretty good CD out, i've been sitting on it for about a year or so now; been growing attached to this particular song by them. tomas dvorak made a video game called machinarium that i liked playing, and he also made the game's soundtrack, which is really, really good electronic music. this is one of my favorite songs from that soundtrack - there's a nice subtle bass line that kicks in around 1:26 that's pretty killer.

i like slaraffendland a lot, they've been on here before; this song's a crescendo, i like those. i already mentioned this zero 7 song earlier. it's pretty good.

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