march's mixtape will be up a little late - check back late tuesday or early wednesday.
  • Dirty Projectors - No Intention
  • Sun Kil Moon - Salvador Sanchez
  • M. Ward - So Much Water
  • Radio Citizen - Summer Days (feat. Bajka)
  • Belle & Sebastian - A Space Boy Dream
  • Samamidon - Falsehearted Chicken
  • Berry Weight - Cowboys And Indians
  • Castanets - No Voice Was Raised
  • St. Vincent - The Apocalypse Song
  • Broken Social Scene - World Sick


not sure what the theme is this month. new songs and old songs, i guess.

to start: dirty projectors have been on here before. pretty weird stuff, pretty talented folks. no intention is a very good song that i heard for the first time when i saw them perform it a few months back. not sure how i'd missed it. the guitar is fantastic. sun kil moon has been on here before too; i think i listened to this song on a train in scotland. m. ward is also no stranger - again, this is a song that i hadn't really paid attention to until recently; i like the drums in this one a lot. i don't extremely know radio citizen's deal, but he makes good music. even better, he makes good music and has a habit of featuring the same lady who sings for some of bonobo's songs. which is a nice treat.

everyone likes belle and sebastian, for some reason. i mean, they're nice, but i usually don't listen to them. too upbeat or something, maybe. anyway: i like this song a lot, probably in no small part because it has space in it. i wish this recording were louder, though - you'll probably want turn up the speakers a little bit for this one. samamidon has been on here before - this song is absolutely incredible. pretty sure he's just playing around with a loop pedal and a couple of instruments, but man, he is good at it. berry weight has been playing on the speakers in my house pretty regularly for the past few months, but i didn't discover this song until recently; i guess i never really made it to the end of the album before. anyway, the drums on this one are also good.

i kept hearing about castanets pretty regularly a few years back. weird stuff, as far as i can tell, but i have always been a sucker for crescendos, and "no voice was raised" does not disappoint me in that respect. okay, st. vincent is pretty weird too, and this song is a little strange, but just go with it, it's worth it. finally: "world sick" is off broken social scene's most recent album, and is a pretty standard rock song, but i like it. more songs from that album will be appearing here in the near future.

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every month, i'll put up a new mixtape on the right side of this inter net site, and some words having to do with that mixtape will run down the left side. some tapes will have more or fewer songs than others, and sometimes tapes will have themes. i hope that the one thing that they will all have in common will be that they are all made of good music, and that my mom and anyone else who cares to listen to them will find new music that they like by listening to these things.

which reminds me: this site is a birthday present for my mom. because, in the words of a wise otter, my mom should always get presents because she is my mom. for the technically inclined: this site is powered by php, duct tape, sheer force of concentration, and a modified version of opentape.

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