march's mixtape will be up a little late - check back late tuesday or early wednesday.
  • Lymbyc Systym - Astrology Days (The One AM Radio Remix)
  • Stanton Moore - Blues for Ben
  • Dengue Fever - Tiger Phone Card
  • Shugo Tokumaru - Parachute
  • Okkervil River - Unless It's Kicks
  • Au Revoir Simone - Dark Halls (Best Fwends Remix)
  • Lali Puna - Faking the Books
  • The Mountain Goats - Alpha Desperation March
  • The Limp Twins - Another Day in the Life of Mr. Jones
  • Dr. Dog - My Friend

JUNEor, summer

graduating is weird. i don't want to think about it very much right now. let's talk about some music.

lymbyc systym are a couple of brothers who make electronic music. i saw them play in san francisco a few months ago, and talked to one of them while we were waiting for the stage to be set up. they're real nice guys? anyway, they put out an album full of other peoples' remixes of their songs, and this particular remix has been a pretty important one this year. stanton moore makes really good funk music, and this song's one of my favorites of his.

tiger phone card is an anomaly: dengue fever usually sing in cambodian, and i usually don't like love songs. this one's good. go figure. shugo tokumaru is a japanese guy who sounds really energetic, and parachute is a really nicely put together track. okkervil river are some excellent people who make great folk/rock/indie music, you've heard them before ("westfall" in october, i think). "unless it's kicks" is one of my favorite driving songs.

au revoir simone are some girls who make really nice music that usually makes me feel like i'm in a dark cave or something. i listened to a couple of their albums in their entirety when i drove back from sequoia national park for ~6-8 hours starting around 2AM this thanksgiving break. stopped at a denny's for a while around 4AM to read a book - hyperion, i think. anyway, i heard a bunch of their songs then, liked them very much, and somehow never managed to hear this particular remix until a couple of weeks ago.

don't really know what's up with lali punta, just showed up in my music library the other day, but i'm not sad about that fact. you already know the mountain goats quite well. the limp twins are an interesting phenomenon - this guy quantic has been putting out music under a bunch of names and genres for the past few years, and the limp twins were one of them, a funk band of his. you heard him and his combo barbaro back in april.

dr. dog make music that sounds old-timey, slightly raw, and, i dunno, pure. i think the fade-out in this track fits pretty well with my current situation. also it is a good song. and that is that.

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every month, i'll put up a new mixtape on the right side of this inter net site, and some words having to do with that mixtape will run down the left side. some tapes will have more or fewer songs than others, and sometimes tapes will have themes. i hope that the one thing that they will all have in common will be that they are all made of good music, and that my mom and anyone else who cares to listen to them will find new music that they like by listening to these things.

which reminds me: this site is a birthday present for my mom. because, in the words of a wise otter, my mom should always get presents because she is my mom. for the technically inclined: this site is powered by php, duct tape, sheer force of concentration, and a modified version of opentape.

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