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  • The Most Serene Republic - Heavens To Purgatory
  • Eef Barzelay - Apocalyptic Friend
  • Sun Kil Moon - Glenn Tipton
  • Illinois - Alone Again
  • James Yuill - The Ghost
  • Loney Dear - Ignorant Boy, Beautiful Girl
  • Efterklang - Modern Drift
  • The Mountain Goats and Kaki King - Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle
  • Beirut - The Akara
  • Owen Pallett - The Great Elsewhere

FEBRUARYor, rainy days

it's the last rainy month palo alto'll be seeing until next november, and it's living up to its responsibility. lake lag's filling up for the first time in a couple years, and that means we'll have a spring full of great sunsets and sailboats and ducklings and all sorts of lake-related things. which is nice. and that's all i have to say about that.

so, the music: the most serene republic are friends with broken social scene, and apparently might be recording an album with them in the near future. when i first started listening to them, i decided that hearing their music is like swimming in the ocean, and have not revised that assessment. eef barzelay is the frontman of a band called clem snide, but i think his solo stuff's a lot better, and so this is a song from his 2008 solo album. sun kil moon is a guy who plays guitar, and most of his music sounds like this song, but it's all great stuff; i spent a lot of time listening to his music on the train between edinburgh and inverness, so i've got a bit of a soft spot for it. i mean, the lyrics on this song.

i don't really know much about illinois, but this is a pretty good song. not even sure where i found it, honestly. james yuill is apparently a "band to watch" or some such thing; i don't know about that, but i think he's pretty good. you remember loney dear, this is off their latest album, has a real nice feel to it.

now, i think this efterklang track is basically the highlight of the issue. i used to think of them as a weird danish band kind of like another weird band called tunng, but they're putting out an album at the end of february that doesn't mesh with the image i had of them at all, and this track from it is absolutely stellar. the mountain goats are a band led by a guy named john darnielle, who's been putting out at least one album per year since 1991; the sheer amount of music this guy's made is unfathomable. this track's a collaboration between him and a real good (if pretty weird) tap-style guitarist named kaki king. has a nice, clean, simple, pure feel to it.

you remember beirut from a while back. about a year ago, he put out a pair of EPs which were complete opposites of each other. this is from "the march of the zapotec," which has a bit of a story behind it: as i heard it told, he went down to the interior of mexico, found this culture who only spoke a language called zapotec, hired a brass band through an interpreter, had them learn some songs he'd written, and recorded them playing it, and that was the album. pretty wild. finally, owen pallett is the artist formerly known as final fantasty. seriously, he just changed his band's name from final fantasy (who you remember) to his real name, owen pallett, like a month ago. he just put out a new album under that name last week, and this song from it is like a tiny, self-contained symphony.

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