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  • Cloud Cult - No One Said It Would Be Easy
  • Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew - Tbtf
  • Wilco - You Are My Face
  • Califone - Funeral Singers
  • Dan Reeder - Havana Burning
  • Broken Social Scene - Love And Mathematics
  • Bonobo - If You Stayed Over (Reprise)
  • The Books - Cello Song
  • The Flaming Lips - One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21
  • Dosh - Gare de Lyon

DECEMBERor, cold favorites

here are some of my favorite songs. because it is cold and gloomy, and that is how i like it.

we all know cloud cult. they're great. they came out with a new album a while back, and i haven't listened to it yet. i feel bad about that. i'll fix it. anyway here is a song off of "feel good ghosts," which is an incredibly good album, and is by them. broken social scene present kevin drew was on himom around this time last year - this album (and in particular this song and last year's) just have this really perfect wintry feel to them, as far as i'm concerned. i remember listening to both kevin drew songs a whole lot on the way to and from tahoe in the middle of the night. snow and all.

wilco are great. this is a great song. i like the last line. i like the lines before it. the guitar in this song is incredible. the guy who plays it becomes possessed whenever he touches a guitar - i've seen him perform, i promise i'm not making things up. califone are weird dudes who make good music. kind of experimental stuff sometimes, but some of it is accessible. i think that this song is accessible. i think that this song is good.

dan reeder is some guy who plays guitar. he plays some good things, some weird things, some blues things. this song is very pretty. broken social scene are just really great and this is one of my all-time favorite songs. in particular, i really like when the song reveals its core right around the middle - those drums that come out and sound kind of crackly are exactly perfect, and they only come out for like fifteen seconds. i like it when songs do that.

bonobo is incredible. i saw him a couple of nights ago. he was great. this is a great song off of the entirely-instrumental side of his "days to come" album. the books are awesome and we've heard them before - i'm actually seeing them tonight (i.e. will have finished seeing them about an hour before this issue goes live). this song is a cover of a nick drake song, off of an album called "dark was the night", which is a pretty good name for an album with a song like this one.

this song by the flaming lips has a beautiful bass line. i can't ever get it out of my head. ever. it is just - this is what space sounds like. finally: this song by dosh is incredible. it gets kind of loud at some parts, but it is worth it. it is a song to end the year with. and that is what i am doing with it. i hope you like it. see you on the other side.

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