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  • Cloud Cult - Hurricane And Fire Survival Guide
  • Grizzly Bear - While You Wait For The Others
  • Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home (RAC Mix)
  • Anais Mitchell - If It's True (feat. Justin Vernon)
  • The Beta Band - Eclipse
  • Lightspeed Champion - Tell Me What Its Worth
  • Dirty Projectors - Rise Above
  • Harlem Shakes - Sunlight
  • Quantic and His Combo B├írbaro - I Just Fell In Love Again
  • The Mountain Goats - Golden Boy

APRILor, on the road again

i spent last week driving to portland and back and eating a lot of sausages. along the way, i listened to a bunch of songs. some of them were new and became special to me, some of them were old and became more special to me than they had been beforehand. here are some of them!

cloud cult needs no introduction. grizzly bear are some pretty weird dudes who made that song "two weeks" which i sent you a video of a few months ago - "while you wait for the others" is a little tricker to get used to than that song, but is at least as rewarding, especially for the crescendo.

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros are some really nice folks who i saw play music at treasure island a few months ago. they are really happy basically all of the time. this track is a remix of one of their songs by a guy who calls himself RAC - he's done some other really good remixes, and might be making appearances in further issues. the anais mitchell track is courtesy of my friend rachel. it's from this folk opera version of orpheus, and features justin vernon, who's the main guy from bon iver.

this beta band track tells a pretty good story, and has some pretty nice singing to boot; it's off the beta band's "the three E.P.s" album, which is basically in my top ten albums of all time. lightspeed champion was recommended to me by amie street, where i buy most of the music that i buy.

the dirty projectors are pretty weird. this song isn't the easiest in the world, but it's really worth it if you give it a chance, and i hope you like it. i listened to it as i climbed arthur's seat in edinburgh. you'll remember the harlem shakes from january.

quantic and his combo barbaro are one of the many projects of this guy who goes by the name quantic. he also makes music under the name "the limp twins," "quantic," "the quantic soul orchestra," and probably even some other stuff too. real prolific. anyway, this is a latin/funk/jazz band thing he does, and is very good. finally, the mountain goats are this other real prolific guy whose stuff you've heard before, and this is a really great song of his.

PS: happy birthday!

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