march's mixtape will be up a little late - check back late tuesday or early wednesday.
  • Dr. Dog - Old News
  • Mason Proper - Blue Lips Eternal Inquiry
  • French Kicks - Over The World
  • Paleo - In the Morning Linda Dies
  • Welcome Wagon - Half a Person
  • Shearwater - Seventy-Four, Seventy-Five
  • Midlake - Roscoe
  • Miracle Fortress - Poetaster
  • Time Since Western - Feathers
  • The Union Line - Rich Man's Tune

OCTOBERor, getting acquainted

so: this is sort of a bonus issue of himom, because the real issue will be filled with songs that you might not like as much, since they'll all be pretty dark and/or unsettling. that's 'cause when i think "october", i actually think the word "unsettling", all free-association style. i think it has to do with the fact that october contains halloween (which is an awesome concept for a holiday). also, san antonio always started to get nice and gloomy and windy in october when i was growing up there, so i guess that when i think of october, i think of spooky wind and feel like listening to spooky songs.

but: i wouldn't be completely surprised if it turned out that you weren't a huge fan of spooky songs, so that's why this month is going to have two issues. this first one will have songs that you'll like, hopefully! we're still diverging a little bit from the first issue in terms of accessibility - in particular, i'm a little worried that the mason proper song might be a little more intense than what we've heard so far - but i hope that you enjoy trying new things.

anyway, let's skip to the fun facts. you'll remember dr. dog from last month's issue - they just put out a new album, and the first track on this month's issue is from that album. it's real good. the french kicks are the same folks who did "abandon", which was in the very first issue of this thing, and it's good to have them back again. paleo is a guy who writes emails even longer than mine, and did a really cool project once where he travelled across the country and wrote and recorded one song every day for a whole year; i believe, but am not certain, that "in the morning linda dies" was one of those songs. the welcome wagon are a group whose album was produced by sufjan stevens, and their music really does bear his mark in a way that is pretty fantastic. the rest of the bands on this issue are still new to me from this summer, though, and i'm still getting acquainted with them, so i will have to let their music speak for itself.

so: tune in sometime around the fifteenth for a mid-month issue, assuming the code i wrote to handle more than one mixtape per month actually works!


every month, i'll put up a new mixtape on the right side of this inter net site, and some words having to do with that mixtape will run down the left side. some tapes will have more or fewer songs than others, and sometimes tapes will have themes. i hope that the one thing that they will all have in common will be that they are all made of good music, and that my mom and anyone else who cares to listen to them will find new music that they like by listening to these things.

which reminds me: this site is a birthday present for my mom. because, in the words of a wise otter, my mom should always get presents because she is my mom. for the technically inclined: this site is powered by php, duct tape, sheer force of concentration, and a modified version of opentape.

my name is jrheard.